our story...

PoCo Village Early Learning Centre Ltd. is owned and operated by Komela Kiafar and Krystle Olsen-Chang.


Komela and Krystle have both been working in the Early Childhood Education sector for 15+ years and both have worked in a variety of child care environments. Their paths crossed when they began teaching students that were taking the Early Childhood Education program at a local College.


Komela and Krystle soon discovered they were both passionate about quality early learning experiences for children. They begun to realize how important it is for children to Explore, Engage, and Experience the world around them.


Over the years, both growing their personal and professional philosophies about early childhood care and education and quality practices; Komela and Krystle proposed the idea to create a child care centre that really engulfed what they truly thought to be as, high quality child care. Along with their many years of experience, they knew it was time to implement what they had believed in for so many years.


However, they didn't just want to open a Centre anywhere. It was extremely important to both of them that they opened a Centre in the Tri-cities, where they both currently live... and that is how PoCo Village Early Learning Centre was established.