our core principles...


A child's natural rhythms are cultivated through hands on experiences. A child's ability to explore and experience their own creativity and imagination are fostered daily. Children are encouraged to express themselves and truly engage with the materials, and explore their senses, in order to benefit from the many experiences of learning.

independent social-emotional interactions

PoCo Village ELC Ltd. encourages and supports each child to develop positive adult and peer relationships with a focus on social-emotional well-being and independence. 


Here at PoCo Village ELC we have 3 guiding questions:

Are you harming yourself?

Are you harming others?

Are you harming the environment?

These 3 questions are our guiding principles in everything we do.


Our goal is to provide an environment in which children can learn positive life skills while feeling safe and secure in their surroundings; Being safe, not just physically but socially and emotionally as well.


natural elements of exploration

Through natural and logical explorations and experiences, we believe that it's a child's basic right to be able to learn and explore from the world around them. Their right to play and investigate their surroundings whilst exploring differing theories, opinions, and concepts is the foundation to quality early learning experiences.


It is with this belief that we instill a daily program that supports and nurtures this unique way of learning. Our program offers explorations and growth opportunities within all the developmental areas, however within more fluid and natural learning rhythms.


we are a family


Here at PoCo Village we strive to work in partnership with families. We care about your child but we also genuinely care about your family. Fostering these relationships is so vital to our PoCo Village community.