PoCo Village Early Learning Centre Ltd. believes in a sense of Community. We believe in the importance of high quality child care experiences for all children. Here at PoCo Village ELC Ltd. we provide a welcoming, fun-loving, and professional environment for children and their families. We put a high emphasis on social-emotional learning so that the children learn the key fundamental skills that will set them up for success in all future learning experiences.


We believe children learn best through hands-on play experiences that are supported and nurtured through teacher interactions. We understand the importance of play yet also realize the importance of facilitation within the experience, in order to enrich the child’s knowledge and understanding of the exploration.


We observe and follow children’s interests in order to fully capture those important teachable moments so that children have the highest opportunity for growth.


We nurture positive guidance interactions and encourage social-emotional development that is age appropriate for children 2.5 -5 years old. We value a child’s need to be independent and support his/her own will to seek autonomy.


Fostering child exploration through natural, innate experiences allows children to develop their true personalities and allows them to learn about themselves through free exploration.


Building upon their interests whilst learning within their own communities and investigating the surrounding natural environments that Port Coquitlam has to offer.